Test 12. Chapter 16.

  • 1. If the ‘g’ is followed by ‘e’, ‘i’, or ‘y’, it will be soft and sound like ‘j’.
  • 2. The ‘g’ is usually soft before ‘y’.
  • 3. “Your dog is managable.”
  • 4. “He just needs encouragement”.
  • 5. “I am encourageing him.”
  • 6. The ‘g’ is hard before a consonant or if it is the final letter.
  • 7. The ‘g’ may sometimes be soft before ‘a’, ‘o’, or ‘u’.
  • 8. Sometimes the ‘g’ is hard before the letters ‘e’ or ‘i’.
  • 9. “She will be bringing the flowers.”
  • 10. “She is attempting to begile him.”

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