Test 2. Chapters 2 & 3.

  • 1. In practice, how many vowels are there ?
  • 2. When a single vowel is followed by an ‘r’, does the vowel sound change?
  • 3. Is the letter ‘y’ a vowel or a consonant?
  • 4. How many different vowel sounds are there?
  • 5. When the ‘r’ follows a vowel will the vowel sound be long or short?
  • 6. In English, are there other cases where a consonant affects the vowel sound ?
  • 7. “The third turkey in the berth earned the worm."
  • 8. ‘th’ is a vowel diphthong.
  • 9. ‘In most vowel diphthongs the first letter controls the sound’.
  • 10. ‘A short vowel is always a single vowel in a closed syllable.'

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